While studies are definitely a very crucial aspect of a student’s development, extra-curricular activities are no way a less form of education. Equal emphasis on studies and extra-curricular activities is required in order to ensure the all-round development of a child.

These activities hold significant importance and role in ensuring that the student learn the life skills required to sail through. This article will highlight 5 such important benefits that extra-curricular activities hold in a student’s life.

  1. They teach you essential life skills

Something that no teacher, book or parent may ensure, participating and taking interest in extra-curricular activities teaches you all the necessary life skills, that too practically. Sports are considered the best way to develop the traits of teamwork, leadership and confidence. Music and arts are the epitome of patience.

Every activity boosts your creativity and thinking skills, for lifetime.

It would be very difficult to embed these skills in a child merely by teaching him and without exposing them to such activities.

  • 2. They are a gateway for self-exploration

Exposure to extra-curricular activities is the perfect way to explore yourself, your interests and hobbies. Once a student is able to know who he/she actually is and what are the areas of his/her excellence, this further helps the student in taking important life decisions ahead.

Knowing self is the most significant and beneficial art that anyone can own, and exposure to various extra-curricular activities ensure that this art gets embedded in your nature.

  • It is advised that you participate in all the activities once before deciding a few for yourself.
  • The more activities you participate in, the more skills you will learn.
  • Eventually, you will get to know the kind of things you enjoy. For example, if you like painting and music, you can conclude that you have a patient nature and you enjoy that. This will be helpful in taking many life decisions ahead.
  • 3. The perfect way to learn Time Management

Time management is something that even the greatest people suffer with. Once you are involved in an activity, you will require to manage your time between studies and extra curriculum. Instead of learning it by force at an older age, participating in extra curriculars will naturally incline you towards time management and scheduling.

You will be astonished to observe how quickly and easily you learn to manage time this way. More importantly, you will learn and get to know the significance of time management at an early age.

  • 4. Good for mental health

While studying is considered as an energy draining activity by most of the students, extra-curricular activities are generally energy boosting. They boost your confidence, esteem and make you feel good.

  • It is advised that you very frequently indulge yourself in your favourite extra- curricular activity to keep your mind healthy and happy.
  • Try to follow your hobby in breaks between study slots or other draining activities, to energise yourself for the upcoming slots.
  • 5. Enhances sociability

In an era where people are being more and more nucleated and alone, leading to depression and poor mental health, extra-curricular activities ensure that the students learn to communicate with others and become socially compatible. When you meet like-minded people, with same interests and hobbies as yours, you are more probable to interact with them. Thus, these activities provide you a platform to interact with the society and people.

It is evident that extra-curricular activities are a pre-requisite for all round development of a student. In its absence, it would be very difficult to practically adapt the soft and social skills important for life.

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