The day of examination holds a special importance for the students, be it boards, any entrance examination or your semester exams – all your sleepless nights and early morning hard work is finally tested on the D-day.

In such circumstances, it is extremely important that you don’t let small mistakes grab away your concentration in the exam hall and you end up letting your perseverance go waste. This article lists out 5 important tips that you must necessarily follow on the day of your examination, so that you stay fully focused and efficient during the exam hours.

  1. Take Adequate Sleep

Many students have a habit of studying late at night while the preparation of exam is going on. They find themselves more productive at night than day and thus they wake up usually for the whole night, sleeping during the day.

While studying at night isn’t a problem if you are getting good output out of it, you should aim to sleep early on the night before your exam. Since most of the exams commence in the first half of the day, it would be difficult for you to get good sleep if you stay awake at night. Not getting adequate sleep will decrease your concentration level in the examination hall.

  • Sleep early around 10 PM a day before your exams. The aim should be to get adequate sleep of around 7-8 hours.
  • This will freshen you up for the exam and you won’t feel irritated or absentminded.
  • Don’t revise your concepts late at night a day before. You can wake up a little early and do the revision, if required.
  • 2. Organise the requirements beforehand

This is a common mistake that many students make. Do not procrastinate the task of collecting and organising your examination essentials at one place. It is recommended that you check on all your exam essentials a day before. These include:

  • Your examination hall ticket/admit card – you are advised to keep an extra copy with you.
  • Student ID
  • Essential stationery – extra pens, pencil, ruler, eraser, sharpener, etc.
  • Calculator (if required)
  • Watch

Arrange these essentials in a bag a day before so that you don’t forget anything!

  • 3. Have a healthy morning

On the day of the examination, do not rely on oily and heavy breakfast. Avoid eating junk food in the morning.

You must eat something light and healthy to feel energetic and productive. Staying hydrated is very necessary.  

Apart from that, it is advised that you keep yourself calm and stable. Do not panic. Do not burden yourself with revisions. Practice meditation for a few minutes, if you can.

  • 4. Reach the examination centre on time.

Or indeed, before time. Have a good margin of time when you leave your home.

  • Visit your examination centre once few days before your exams. This is help you get a rough idea of the distance, time and traffic of the area.
  • Target to reach your examination centre at lease 30 minutes before the commencement of the exam.
  • If you are not going by a personal vehicle and are going by some other means – bus, auto, cab, etc., leave a larger margin of time.
  • Do not talk about the examination to the people waiting at the centre. Do not discuss the syllabus. It may give you stress.
  • Stay calm.
  • 5. Use the examination hours judiciously

Make the best use of your preparation. Manage your time effectively while solving questions. If a question is taking more time than what you had anticipated, leave it for the time being and move on to further questions.

  • Use the reading time to carefully recall the answers, formulas, etc. that are to be used in the questions. You can also use this time to decide on the optional questions where the choice is among two.
  • Plan in such a manner that you get about 10 mins at the end to revise your answer sheet.
  • Do not panic if you don’t know a question. Solve the ones that you know first.

We wish you all the best for your exams!

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