In the race and chaos of being academically successful and recognised, students often compromise on their health – both physical and mental. They fail to understand that by refusing time for health maintenance, they are actually creating bigger obstacles to their effectiveness and success. Mental health too, has emerged as a very serious issue faced by students of all age groups. A healthy body ensures that you remain concentrated, effective and productive throughout your struggle for success.

This article will be a tip-list for all students, whether in school or college, considering their situations and the availability of time, on how can they ensure that their health isn’t compromised in the race of success.

  1. Exercise! Even for 30 minutes.

Exercising definitely does not have any other alternative, but, tt becomes a bit difficult to take out a good amount of time for exercising in college. However, do not completely neglect your physical health.

  • If you are involved in any sports or dance activity which helps you maintain your physical health regularly, you don’t need to add on much more.
  • However, if you are completely out of the physical fitness arena, try to exercise at least 3-4 days in a week. Even if you could make it for 30 minutes, do it.
  • The students are nowadays accustomed to study online on laptops and mobile phones. One negative point in this context is that they keep staring at the screen straight for hours. It is suggested that you take a break of 5 minutes after every 25 minutes (following the pomodoro principle). Use this break to straighten your body, do neck movements, and do not stare at screen.
  • Make sure that you are not confined in a room for days and weeks. Go out for a short light 10-20 minute walk daily.
  • 2. Control your diet

The quality of diet is something very crucial, especially for a student’s health. The students need to control the quantity and quality of the food they eat.

  • Try to avoid junk food as much as possible. Even if you eat, make sure that you control the quantity. It must be taken in such quantity that is satisfies your taste buds, not to fill your stomach.
  • Make fruits and dry fruits a compulsory part of your diet.
  • Many students remain concerned about the quality of their hostel food. If the food is not good enough, try making your own arrangements. Try if you can cook sometimes, or increase the intake of fruits and salads.
  • Drink ample amount of water every day. Remaining hydrated is extremely important.
  • 3. Focus on your mental health

One of the extremely important areas where students need to focus in today’s times. Mental health is much probable to be ignored than physical health, and is more dangerous in terms of its effects and challenges posed.

  • Pursue the things you like. Follow your hobbies. Live in a positive environment.
  • Try to avoid people who demotivate you or give you negative vibes. Talk more to people you trust and love.
  • Make sure that you share your thoughts, either to a person, or to yourself by writing a diary, or talking to yourself.
  • Take a break whenever you feel exhausted and tired. Do not overburden yourself with studies.

A healthy lifestyle should not be a choice to students, it is a compulsion and must be seen in that way. Nothing is worth sacrificing your health.

All the best!

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