How can students prepare themselves for challenges?


No matter how strong, intelligent, disciplined or tough a student is, big challenges are always going to cross his paths from time to time, in different forms. No matter how hard you try to avoid the miseries, you will always find them stepping at your doors.

The biggest requirement of life, then, is not to wish for a smooth journey towards success, but to prepare for the challenges ahead. Success lies not in being able to do away with all the odds of life, but in facing them with preparedness and keep moving forward while facing all the challenges.

This article discusses some very useful tips on how can students prepare themselves for challenges in their life. Stay tuned!

  1. Be Comfortable with Failure

It’s not generally the failure, but the fear of failure that makes a student mentally weak to accept the challenges coming forward. Challenges are thought to bring a higher probability to fail.

Problem lies not in failure. Failure is productive. It rather lies in the fear of failure.

Failure has been portrayed as something very opposite to success. However, once you start seeing the vast expanse of opportunities lying in those challenges, you get comfortable with failure too.

The more you fail, the better version you produce of yourself. The more you face the challenges, the stronger you become. 

  • 2. Analyse the Anticipated Results

Whenever you face something odd, or you are stuck in a situation where you have to take an important decision, use this strategy. Anticipate the best and worst results you may get after the challenge. Here’s how you do it.

  • Think about the best outcome that can be produced from the challenge. How can this change your life? What kind of a person will you become if you made the best use of this opportunity? Can it be a turning point for you? Consider you have an opportunity to study at a very good university, far away from home. How will it impact you positively?
  • Now, anticipate the worst that can happen. You can fail. Your decision might prove wrong. You may have other disadvantages. You won’t be able to meet your family very frequently if you study far away. Think about all of that.

If you are comfortable with the worst results and very satisfied with the best one, you will go along carrying the challenge on your shoulders.

  • 3. Focus on your Strengths and Positives

Students can easily get depressed and stressed when facing challenges. You may not be having a good study and sleep routine, you may be procrastinating a lot or you may be facing issues of self-doubt and under-confidence.

It is extremely important to focus on your strengths and positives during such times.

  • Remember all the times when you did something which made you proud. It is suggested that you have a ‘diary of positives’ with you. Every time you achieve something, you can write it there. Whenever you feel depressed, read your diary.
  • Sharpening your strengths during this time will return you your confidence. Work more on your strengths. Once you are comfortable, return back to the weaknesses. 
  • 4. Move out of your Comfort Zone

This is a well understood fact. If you want to grab the bunch of opportunities inherent in the challenges coming your way, you will have to wake up and work hard. There is no alternative way to this.

Challenges are a box of vast opportunities, wrapped up in difficulties. Your success depends on whether you focus on the contents of the box, or the wrapper.

Challenge the challenges!

All the best.

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