Doesn’t matter which domain you belong to, staying confident is undoubtedly the most important ingredient for success. The more confident you are, the more you will attract positivity, resulting cumulatively in a huge success. A speaker may have a lot of knowledge to deliver but if he doesn’t feel confident about himself speaking on stage, he will end up giving the worst speech. Similarly, a student may have studied very well for his exams but if he is not confident about his preparation, he will always end up marking the wrong options and writing below his capability.

This blog will be guiding you on tips to become more confident. Before proceeding on to the tips, you need to do a task. You need to identify the area or domain where you don’t feel comfortable, so that you can relate each tip and modify it yourself. It can be anything from lacking confidence in speaking to lacking it for exams or jobs.

  1. Have a conscious talk with yourself

Confidence cannot be induced. You can not expect yourself to become confident by merely watching ted talks and motivational videos on YouTube. The only and the best long term confidence inducement way is to change the way you talk to yourself. The words that you say to yourself form the largest part of your personality and your personality, ultimately decides your fate.

  • Take out at least 15-20 mins every day to talk to yourself, alone. This should preferable early in the morning or at late night before sleeping when you are not much stressed about work and studies.
  • The talk must be regulated. Do not allow any negative thought to pass in your mind. Whenever you enter the negative thought zone, become conscious of it immediately and let it go. It seems difficult in the beginning but once you start practicing to avoid negative thoughts, you will become a master.  
  • Appreciate yourself even for your small successes. Motivate yourself like you do to your friends. Become your own best friend.
  • Love yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday for 5 minutes and appreciate the efforts of the person in front of you. Although it sounds funny, it has a huge impact on your mood and confidence levels.

Practicing conscious and positive self-talk everyday will increase your confidence level in the long terms and once engrained, it will be forever.

  • 2. Take small challenges

Taking challenges, facing them and then overcoming them is one of the most effective ways to build confidence. Once you overcome a challenge after facing issues, your confidence boosts up by multiple times.

You can consider taking small challenges every day for the purpose of building confidence.

  • Making your bed every day right after waking up is just a small thing, but yet a challenge. Take this challenge. Arrange your bed every day before leaving your home.
  • Ever took cold showers in winters? You should. It will take a lot of courage to enter that fountain in shivering cold but once you take the step, you will easily realise how weak your enemy was.
  • Smile at strangers while making eye contact with them at morning walks. Some will smile back at you, some will ignore. Get comfortable with being ignored.

These are very small challenges but will give you a sense of accomplishment once you overcome them. It will make you confident. You will realise that every challenge is similar, you just need to face it with courage.

  • 3. Be comfortable with failure

The most widespread reason of people not being confident is that they fear failure. They think so much about ‘what if I fail’ that they don’t leave any time or space for working for their success. It is difficult, to not consider the chances of failure, but it is comparatively easy to get comfortable with it.

  • Fail frequently. Just as it is important to succeed every day, it is also important to experience small failures frequently. Strangers not smiling back at you is a failure. Face it and get comfortable with it.
  • Try new things and new domains. Try dancing if you don’t. You will definitely fail at the first go. Face it. Get comfortable.
  • Think of other small things which can teach you deal with failures. Take risks. Get scolded. Be comfortable and become fearless.

A person who has never ever experienced failure in his entire life would be the weakest person on earth. Such person is more likely to possess over-confidence. Failing frequently won’t ensure your success, but it will make you fearless of failure and you will be able to focus on working on your success more than thinking about your failure.

  • 4. Dress up

Dressing up has to do more than making you look good. Your confidence depends on how you are feeling about yourself. If you are feeling energised and happy, your confidence level will automatically go up.

If you dress up in such a way that you find yourself pretty, it immediately increases your confidence level. You start feeling good about yourself. Always wear clothes you are comfortable in. This is the fastest method to build temporary confidence.

All the best!

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