Do boards marks matter ? An honest Analysis


Remember the time when you were in class 9th? Every person you met reminded ‘oh! You have boards next year, study well!’ When you proceeded to class 10th, the social pressure became even more intense. ‘Don’t you know you have boards this year? Go study!’ became the anthem of most of the parents. As the month of March approached, most of your entertainment sources were cut down so that you could study peacefully without any distraction. Once you overcame 10th boards and wanted to chill a bit, you were immediately reminded, “Shift your focus on 12th boards now, 10th doesn’t matter much.” And the process began all over again.

We have always been told that board exams are the first step towards a bright future. That if you score really well, your future is secured and if you fail to do so, you will have to work very hard to make something out of your life. Are board exams really that important? Is board marksheet the ultimate judge of our destiny? Do we lose some opportunities by not scoring good in boards? Does it really affect our career and goals? Or all of this is a hoax? This article will, very honestly, present the real picture of the actual importance of board exams in life.

To be very frank and clear, YES! Board exams do matter and are important, indeed very important for your future, but not in terms of what society has told you. Scoring good in it will definitely provide you some advantages over others, and scoring bad will have its own implications. But, boards will not, and cannot promise to secure your future. Even topping the country in board exams won’t secure your future. Toppers, average, and below average students, all of them will have to work hard and smart, in more or less the same amount, if they want to have a successful future. In others words, board exams are by no means the deciding judge for your future. But, as already stated, they are very important and provide you some additional benefits on scoring good.


The biggest and the most important advantage that a student gains by scoring good in boards is confidence and self-belief.

Board exams actually appear to be big challenges to the 15 to 17 year olds appearing for it. They work very hard, probably for the first time in their life at a young age. In this case, if a student manages to overcome this challenge by scoring very well, (s)he gains self confidence and belief for life. This installs in her/him, the ability to take and fight challenges in every aspect of life, and (s)he gets to know that every time (s)he works hard, the universe will pay her off very well. This seems to be a very general thing but confidence is something desired by all, possessed by few. If you get to possess this trait at a young age, you will become the master of your destiny, which is 100 times better than a mere CV enhancement.

The second most important advantage of board exams is that it provides you the easiest opportunity to prove your worth and gain appreciation. Board exam is the easiest exam you will ever write, and is probably the first opportunity in your life to be famous (not joking). Ever seen the pictures of district toppers with their parents in local newspapers a day after the results are out? Ever imagined yourself there? The syllabus is same for all, question papers are same throughout the country, easiest exam of life ahead, why not work a bit hard and take a spot in your local daily? Won’t it be a memory for life? You will always look upon that page of newspaper in future when demotivated. You anyways have to write the exam, why not try to score the highest in district? Or country? Doesn’t matter if you fail, the marks won’t matter much. But what if you succeed? Boom!

Honestly, with the above two explanations we are done with the advantages of scoring good in 10th boards (yes, apart from these, the 10th marksheet will be used as a proof of date of birth. Noting else!). The 12th marksheet, however, has some more advantages with it.

  • Some of the colleges and universities base their admission criteria on 12th percentage. You need a good percentage if you want to get admitted in these. However, the number of such colleges is very low after CUCET has been announced.
  • 12th marks can be a part of your portfolio and CV. An extraordinary percentage definitely gives a better first impression wherever you apply for job. Your skills and personality, however, are the ultimate traits that will help you gain the job.
  • It may help you get some very good internships in college. This is a disadvantage for students not scoring very well.

That’s it.


The biggest disadvantage would be that you missed a golden opportunity to gain self-confidence and fame in the easiest way. This doesn’t seem serious but the thought of not scoring well actually sticks in your mind and you unknowingly start losing belief in yourself. This hinders your optimistic vision of life.

The second disadvantage is that you may lose out on some good opportunities like internships and better first impressions. However, your future won’t depend on these things, but will definitely depend on the level of confidence you possess.

A particular weightage to 12th board marks is given with reference to eligibility criteria for certain competitive exams. So, if you score below average, say, less than 60%, you may face more serious disadvantages.

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