‘Passion’ has been one of the most misunderstood words of our generation. In the general view point, passion is understood to be a work, or an activity which you enjoy doing a lot, without getting bored and working very hard. It is thought to be co-terminus to ‘joy’. However, the real meaning of passion is a bit different. ‘Passion’ is derived from the Latin word ‘pati’ which means ‘to suffer’. Yes! You heard it right.

To be very honest, there can be no work which a person will enjoy every time he performs it, without getting tired or bored. Repeating the same activity over and over will most probably, reduce your interest in it. So, the conventional meaning of passion stands defeated. No matter what you do, you will have to work hard and persevere in order to gain something out of it. Passion then, can be understood as a work or an activity, for which you are ready and eager to devote time and work hard, having considered the challenges you might face while pursuing it. It is something that installs within you an energy and motivates to fight all the obstacles you might find while conquering your dream. Enjoyment while doing that work, is a component within this definition.

This article will thrive to suggest you some ways to identify your passion, as finding a passion isn’t as easy as it seems. Some may identify it in their childhood, while some may take years to recognise the voice of their will.  

  1. Explore

Before you identify one good work as your passion, make sure that you have explored enough and are not taking decisions in ignorance of opportunities. How swould you know that you don’t like sketching if you don’t even try? Try as diverse things as you can until you find that one thing ‘which is made for you’.

  • Never leave any opportunity to learn and try new things. Even if you end up hating it, it will be counted as your experience.
  • If you are a college or a school student, this is the best time for you to explore. Participate in as many activities as you can and see what kind of things you enjoy doing.  
  • Internships are a great way to learn and take insights in new areas.
  • If you are restricted by your work or study, keep the weekends and free time to explore.
  • Expanding your network in this case, will be really helpful. Approach and talk to people from diverse fields and try to understand their way of life and work.
  • 2. Introspect

Very few people will be able to answer clearly if asked ‘What kind of person are you?’ We all may be able to explain the kind of person our best friend, parents, relative or teacher is, but rarely do we know ourselves.

Knowing yourself is one of the most important part of identifying your passion, which makes your hunt 10 times easier than before. Introspection, thus becomes very significant to find your passion.

  • This is not a one-day process. Knowing and accepting yourself as you are requires a lot of courage, which in turn takes time.
  • Find time to talk to yourself every day, even for 15-20 minutes. Self-talk is the first and the most important step towards introspection.
  • Identify and accept your flaws and weaknesses. Be honest to yourself. If you dislike something in your personality, change it.
  • Gradually you will be able to develop a set of characteristics that define you. Whether you are an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert? Are you a optimistic or a pessimistic person? What are your strengths? What kind of people and environment do you like? Who inspires you the most? Are you a people pleaser? What are your expectations from yourself? Who is your biggest supporter?

Not only for the sake of finding passion, knowing who you are and being able to explain it to yourself along with your flaws is a quality owned by successful people. It will make life easier and smooth for you.

  • 3. Be Patient

You won’t pin point any work as your passion on the first day of experiencing it. Give it time. You may like dancing for the first time, but would it necessarily be your passion? You need to be patient with the work to know its true character.

  • Once you start liking a work, devote time to it. Try to understand its demands. Talk to people in that field.
  • If possible, work with experts. Try to find some internships in that field. Or, you can try exploring it more on your holidays and free time. For example, if you like teaching, either find an internship or start teaching your neighbours on weekends. You can also consider creating an online course, or teaching on YouTube.
  • With time you will be able to understand your compatibility with that work. If you identify it as your passion, well and good. If you don’t, it will be a great experience. Hunt more.

These three simple yet difficult to follow tips, if really practiced will lead you to your passion very soon. We wish you all the best for a fulfilling life!

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