The project file in class 12th accountancy holds majority of the 20% marks allocated for internal assessment in class 12th boards. According to the CBSE 2021-22 term wise demarcation, every student is required to prepare one project file in which they would be required to cover the company profile, assessment of financial statements, and specific report analysis.

The main objective of preparing the project report, as per CBSE, is for the following reasons:

1. Students are able to state the meaning, objectives, and limitations of financial statement analysis.

2. Study the proper use of different tools of ‘financial statements analysis’ like comparative analysis, Ratios and Cash flow statement.

3. Capable to create Comparative Statements and Common Size Statement.

4. Understand the Meaning, objective, advantage, and limitation of Accounting Ratios.

Thus, in order to score good marks in class 12th accountancy board exam, the students need to devote due time and hard work on their project files. The distribution of marks in term 1 and term 2 for internal assessment for the academic session 2021-22, as prescribed by CBSE, can be checked below:

  1. Your project file must be properly organised in a formal manner

There is a certain formal method that needs to be followed by the students while preparing their accountancy project file. Students are advised to do due research on the topic chosen before starting the project.

  1. The first page must display the topic of your project, the name of the student, school, teacher and signature space for the external examiner and principal’s seal.
  2. It must be followed by pages dedicated to acknowledgement, index, objective, period of study and source of material for your project work.
  3. Do not forget to mention assumptions, if any.
  4. All the journal entries in your project must have narrations.
  5. If/when preparing ledger accounts, the student must follow the following order:
    1. Real accounts
    2. Personal accounts
    3. Nominal accounts.
  6. Do not forget to write a bibliography page, if you have referred to books and internet.
  • 2. The presentation 

You will gain extra marks if you present your project file well. Presentation here doesn’t refer to beautifying your project by colourful stuffs.

  • Try to have a neat handwriting throughout the project file. Write with patience. Avoid cutting numbers.
  • Represent various ratios and other data by graphs, pie charts, bars, etc. This will make your file look professional and formal.
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs in class 12th accountancy project.
  • 3. Always write your observations and analysis

Analyse your project on your own. You must be deeply aware of the topic that you have chosen for your project file.

  • You make take help from your teacher in analysing your project.
  • The observations and analysis must be well structured and accurate. A good analysis will fetch you good marks.

The last and the most crucial part of your 12th accountancy project is its submission on time. Most of the students start preparing their project files just a few days before the submission deadline and end up writing a minimalistic project. It is advised that you start your project as soon as it is assigned to you, so that you get enough time to read, research and present your accountancy project professionally.

All the best!

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