Economics in class 12th CBSE is one of the most loved subjects by the students of commerce and arts. To score 100 in this subject, therefore, is a dream for many students of class 12th. Although 80% marks are required to be scored in the board examination paper itself, the remaining 20% consists of internal assessment to be conducted by external examiners. Most of the students fail to give due attention to the project work assigned to them for internal assessment, and end up losing the easy-peasy 2-3 marks, which takes their overall score down even after doing very well in board exam paper.

This article will deal with specifications of how to make a perfect class 12th economics project, to ensure your 20/20 in internals.

As specified by CBSE, the following are the objectives of class 12th economics project work:

  • Probe deeper into personal enquiry, initiate action and reflect on knowledge and skills, views etc. acquired during the course of class XI-XII.
  • Analyse and evaluate real world scenarios using theoretical constructs and arguments.
  • Demonstrate the application of critical and creative thinking skills and abilities to produce an independent and extended piece of work.
  • Follow up aspects in which learners have interest.
  • Develop the communication skills to argue logically.
  1. Choose a comfortable topic

Students are flexible to choose any topic strongly or mildly related to their course as suggested by their teachers. Choose only that topic which is comfortable for you.

  • You need to do proper research before starting your project, so choose a topic which has sufficient material available.
  • Choose a topic that interests you.
  • Don’t fall in the myth that projects on certain topics will fetch more marks than others. If prepared and presented properly, you will be rewarded without bias.
  • Keep in mind that you will also have to prepare for your Viva voice on the same topic.
  • 2. Research and organise

Most of the students do not research anything about their topic before starting their projects. Initiating the project without knowing a topic can prove to be a blunder, not only for your economics project presentation but also for viva voice.

  • Read some articles and content related to the topic on the internet and in your books. (don’t forget to note down the websites that you are using, for bibliography)
  • Search for connections of the topic to current affairs, if applicable.
  • Once you have collected good arguments, organise them into different topics. For example, if your project is on GST, a typical project will have the following order:
    • Introduction to GST
    • Types of GST
    • Working of GST
    • Comparison to previous system
    • Advantages of GST
    • Challenges of GST implementation
    • Performance of GST till now
    • Impact of Covid 19 on GST collections
    • Way forward
  • Make sure that your project has sufficient data and facts to support your arguments.
  • 3. Work on presentation

Presentation is not decoration. You don’t need to spend thousands on good quality files and paper and decorating materials. A good presentation consists of neat handwriting, proper explanation of thoughts through words and figures and proper use of graphs wherever required.

  • Draw or paste relevant graphs and pie charts if applicable. For example, you can draw a bar graph out of the GST collections every year since its implementation to convey the negative impact of covid on GST.
  • If your project is more theoretical, consider pasting photographs of related events and personalities.
  • The project must look neat and clean and should be properly readable.
  • Your project must have the following components in the same order:
    • Front page consisting of title of the project, your name, school’s name, academic year, teacher’s name and space for signature of external examiner and principal’s seal.
    • Acknowledgement
    • Certificate
    • Index of contents
    • The project work
    • Bibliography
  • 4. Prepare for Viva voice

Since 5 out of 20 marks assigned for internals belongs to the viva voice to be taken by the external examiner, students must also focus on their viva voice preparation apart from project files. It is advised that you keep preparing for your viva simultaneously while preparing the project file. Make sure that you understand and are able to express all the topics related to your project and are able to answer general questions related to your project file.

We advise you to complete your project work as soon as possible to avoid panic attacks before the due date and ensure that you get enough time to revise for your class 12th economics exam.

All the best.

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