Scoring 100 in board exam isn’t as difficult as the students perceive. CBSE board exams are generally considered to be easier as compared to some other boards.  With correct strategy and honest implementation, you too can score a perfect 100 in class 12th economics. It seems very difficult, at first, but as you get to know the secret tips of scoring 100, you will automatically be motivated towards a perfect 100 in economics.

This article will list all best strategy points, often told by CBSE toppers in their interviews, to ensure your full marks in class 12 CBSE board exam of economics scheduled in May 2022.  

  1. Clear all the concepts

There is no topic marked as important if you want to score full. Every topic, whether small or big, becomes significant in this case. You should thus, not at all avoid any topic which is a part of economics syllabus.

  • Every topic irrespective of its size and importance, must be covered and revised multiple times.
  • Each and every concept must be crystal clear to you. Solve all kind of doubts and confusions with the help of your teachers or internet.
  • You must cover every chapter and topic holistically. Do not possess half knowledge.
  • 2. Solve all kind of Questions

Many a times, students leave short questions, definitions, and objective questions while solving the back exercise of any chapter, focusing only on long numericals.

  • While numericals are an important aspect to consider if you want to score well, it isn’t sufficient to score full marks.
  • You need to solve every pattern and kind of questions that are expected in exams, from MCQs, fill ups to long theory questions.
  • Within numericals, there are a variety of questions. Search for as many questions as you can to ensure that you get familiar with every possible kind of question.
  • Identify the kind/pattern of questions that you are uncomfortable with. Practice them more often.

You may purchase question bank booklets from the market or search for question banks on internet. Look out for the following practice questions for class 12th economics by RKG institute.

  • 3. Create your own question bank for IED

Indian Economic Development is a part that most of the economics students fear of, as it deals solely with theory. One of the best ways to tackle this fear is to create your own question bank from each chapter.

Consider yourself as the teacher. Now while reading the chapter, write down every possible question and its answer that comes to your mind as a teacher. You may be easily able to create about 50 questions from each chapter of IED.

This will do 2 things for you – (a) you will now have the richest question bank (and cheat sheet). There will be very less probability of questions coming in boards outside your question bank and book exercise.

(b) It will boost your confidence to a level that you will start challenging the board question paper itself.

  • 4. Solve sample papers with time limit

Once you are done with the above three steps, you are now ready to solve sample papers. Sample papers must be solved honestly, in exam-like conditions.

  • It is advisable that you follow the same time limit and pattern followed in board exams, i.e., give yourself 15 minutes to read the question paper and 15 minutes to prepare the answer sheet.
  • Do not take it lightly. Consider every paper that you solve as your real board exam. Write accordingly.
  • Get your answer sheet checked by your teacher, if possible.
  • Analyse the reason behind your every mark gone. Was it because of knowledge gap, misinterpretation of question or lack of proper presentation etc. Work on it.
  • Repeat the process till you start getting full marks. Generally, if you want to score 100/100, you need to solve a minimum of 10-15 sample papers (it isn’t that easy).

You can purchase a sample paper booklet for the purpose. Consider the following free sample paper book in economics class 12th based on latest pattern 2022 by CA Parag Gupta:

Free sample paper class 12th economics term 2 2022 by CA Parag Gupta

  • 5. Work on paper presentation

Often neglected by students, paper presentation is a very significant factor to score 100 marks in economics.

  • In macroeconomics part, draw graphs wherever possible and applicable. Always mark and explain all the variables taken on the graph.
  • You can, and should, use flowcharts and diagrams to make your answers unique and attractive.
  • Make sure your handwriting is easily readable by anyone.
  • For IED, make sure you answer according to the marks allocated to a particular question. Keep the word limit in mind.
  • Your answers must have a good structure. For example, long answers in IED must have a short introduction and conclusion. In macroeconomics, always highlight your final answer of a numerical by drawing a box around it.

Check out our blog on paper presentation in board exams to know more:

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