Who doesn’t want to score a perfect 100 in challenging subjects like accountancy? That too, if you are able to score a centum in class 12th boards, imagine the confidence boost you will get, apart from the other things. Scoring 100 in class 12th accountancy is not a fantasy, if you go ahead with sound strategy, dedication and perfect implementation. A centum score is very much possible, but only if you are able to catch and fulfil the requirements of the subject and the question paper. This article will guide you through some tips which, if followed diligently, will ensure your 100 marks in CBSE accountancy class 12th exam.

  1. Have a centum mindset

Often neglected, this is the most important thing to do before you jump into your preparations. Have a centum mindset. Make scoring 100 your goal, not a choice. Think and implement accordingly.

A person with a centum mindset would have the following characteristics:

  • There won’t be any important and unimportant topics for him/her. For a score of 100, you need to study everything, giving due importance to each chapter and topic.
  • He/she will be absolutely aware of the type and pattern of questions asked in the accountancy examination.
  • He/she won’t neglect questions carrying less marks, i.e., objective type questions or one markers.
  • Knowing that he/she needs to work hard to score 100, he/she will be consistent in studies and will give due significance to multiple revisions.

The planning and strategy of such a student would be completely based on this mindset.

  • 2. Focus on theories, apart from questions

Questions are, undoubtedly, a major chunk of marks carrier in class 12th accountancy. You will be able to score very good if you focus on and practice as many questions as you can, but probably you won’t be able to score 100. The question paper of CBSE 12th accountancy is also comprised of questions based on theory and conceptual knowledge. Though less in number, these are very important if one’s goal is to score 100 in accountancy.

  • Read, revise, repeat. You must have a command over all the theory and concept part of accountancy, especially from the partnership unit.
  • It is highly advisable that you prepare notes for all these concepts. This will have two benefits – (a) writing down concepts help in remembering better, and (b) notes are useful and effective while revisions.
  • 3. Make a habit for manual calculations

A lot of students use calculators while solving accountancy questions at home and schools. However, you must be aware that you won’t get the opportunity to use any kind of calculators in class 12 board exam.

It is advisable that you create a habit of manual calculations, at least for board exams.

  • This will reduce your time taken per question while you write your exam as most of the students have a habit of using calculators and they end up facing issues in boards.
  • May seem difficult, irritating and time taking at first, but as you proceed and practice, you will get high returns in exam time.
  • 4. Don’t count the no. of sample papers you solve

Solve as many as you can. Till you start getting full marks. There is no other fixed limit of sample papers that will ensure your 100 marks. The more papers you solve at home, the more you get familiar with the question paper and consequently more confidence in yourself. Usually, the experience of toppers says that an average of 15-20 sample papers must be solved, if your aim is to score 100 marks in accountancy.

  • Try to create as realistic examination environment as you can. Complete the paper in one go in 3 hours sitting. Don’t use calculators. Be honest.
  • Take these papers seriously. Consider them as your real exams. Use the exact same pattern and presentation that you are going to follow in board exam.
  • Analyse the reason behind every mark gone. Fix the reason. Suppose you lost one mark because you didn’t write the correct definition. Revise all the definitions from your notes and then write the next paper. Do not proceed to next paper without analysing the current one.
  • Follow these steps till you start getting full marks.
  • 5. Don’t ruin your internals!

Don’t forget that the question paper can only fetch you 80 marks. The remaining 20 is a part of internal assessment carried out in schools by external examiners. Do not ignore or take it lightly. In order to score a centum, it is very important that you score 20/20 in your internals.

Prepare a good and content rich project file, perform good in viva voice and written tests.

You are ready now, to score a centum in accountancy! All the best!

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