Scoring good isn’t only about writing down the answers in your answer sheet. In subjects like economics of class 12th, you need proper question paper attempting strategy and its good implementation as well to score really well. A good attempting strategy will ensure that you complete the question paper in time and get the time for revising the answer sheet. The strategy to attempt class 12th economics question paper consists of proper time management during the exam, good presentation and a pre-determined order of attempting questions.   

This article will guide you step by step towards an ideal strategy to attempt the boards question paper of class 12th economics.

  1. Be aware of the question paper pattern

Most of the students are not aware of the pattern of their question papers. Seems a bit irrelevant, but knowing the pattern of your question paper before hand helps a lot in saving time. Moreover, you also get the privilege to predict the different types of questions and their quantity.

The pattern of your question paper, of any subject, can be accessed by checking out the sample papers released by CBSE every year before board exams. The economics sample paper released by CBSE for term 2 of session 2021-22 is attached below:

CBSE term 2 economics sample paper 2021-22

By analysing the sample paper, you will get to know that there will be a total of 13 questions this year, you will be provided choice in 5 questions and the marks range for one question is 2-5.

  • Analyse the sample paper on your own and make a strategy on what kind of questions you are comfortable with.
  • If possible, try to allocate time for each kind of questions. For example, you can allocate 5-6 minutes for each question of 2 marks, 10 mins for 3 marks questions and so on. Make sure that your time strategy includes time for revision at the last.
  • You can also check the marking scheme followed by the examiners during paper checking. The marking scheme is also released by CBSE every year with the sample papers. You can find the marking scheme for the above attached economics question paper below:

Marking scheme for class 12th economics sample paper 2021-22

  • 2. Pre-plan the presentation of answers
  • There are certain topics in class 12th macroeconomics which can be explained better only through graphs and schedules. Identify these topics and practice their graphs and schedules 4-5 times. If any question is asked in your exam from these set of topics, you will be able to reach quickly by drawing out graphs in very less time.  
  • Similarly, while your revision sessions or while preparing notes, include and practice every possible flowchart or diagram that you think may be helpful in writing your answer on that particular topic.
  • 3. Utilise the 15 minutes reading time

Many students fail to realise the importance of the 15 minutes reading time provided during board exams. If you are able to utilise this time efficiently, it will greatly reflect in your answers and score.

  • In questions where you are provided a choice between two, select one during this reading time. Do not leave it for ‘I will figure it out when I reach there’. A lot of time is wasted if you stay confused during your writing time, and you end up giving less time to the last questions.
  • For short questions and numericals, you can try solving them in your head during this reading time. Or, you can recall the formulas, points, facts, examples, flowcharts, during this time to make your question solving approach clear.
  • You can also decide the order in which you want to solve questions. For example, if you are comfortable in solving long questions first, decide the order of questions immediately.

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