A nightmare for most of the commerce students, accountancy stands as one of the most time and patience demanding subjects for students of class 12th. A proper revision strategy, is thus, very significant for those who wish to score good marks in class 12th accounts board exam. Multiple revision of concepts and training your mind for faster and correct calculations, are two of the major factors for success in accounts. This article will brief you about the correct strategy to revise accounts in class 12th.

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  1. You must have organised notes

The importance of note making is often neglected by the students. However, notes can prove to be one of the biggest saviours for any student right before his/her exam.

  • Revising your concepts gets 10 times easier with the help of self-made notes. Instead of surfing your whole book to find and revise a topic, you can just have a glance at your notes.
  • You are more probable to revise your self-made short notes multiple times, than opening your scary accounts book to revise.
  • Making notes yourself helps you to retain better and longer. You remember things that you have written yourself better than things that have been written by anyone else.

The more you revise, the better you score. Number of revisions can be highly multiplied if you have a set of short concept notes on every topic of your 12th accounts syllabus. If your notes are well organised, short and comprehensive, you can even revise your whole syllabus in 1-2 days before accounts board exam.

  • 2. Teach

A very powerful method to revise and retain concepts, not only for accounts, but for every other subject. Teaching whatever you have studied, to your friends, to yourself, or to any imaginary person, will make you brush up your content, knowledge and understanding very comprehensively.

  • It helps you to know where you stand, how much you know, how much you don’t. In other words, it helps you to know the weak and strong points of your preparation.
  • Teaching to others will generate doubts. This is the greatest benefit of this method. Encounter and solve every doubt that you face by the help of your teachers.
  • Once you are able to teach all the concepts to someone in a manner that they understand everything, with all their doubts cleared, you are set to score 95+ in class 12th accounts paper.
  • 3. Practice Questions and manual calculation

Practicing multiple questions and sample papers for revision of concepts is the most important aspect for an outstanding score in accountancy. The more you practice, the more you become confident about your preparation.

  • Always try to realise the reason, when you are not able to solve a question correctly. Revise the concepts related to the questions you couldn’t solve immediately after finishing the paper.
  • Try to solve at least 5-6 sample papers before your accounts board exam. It may go as high as 15-20 sample papers.

Similarly, practicing manual calculations is a peculiar requirement of accountancy at board exam level. Do not possess a habit of using calculators while studying. Sometimes, a very minor calculation mistake may lead you to lose a good number of marks, even if you know the correct formula and concepts.

  • 4. Identify important topics and practice them, rigorously.

There are a few topics in class 12th accountancy that holds a special share of marks in board exams. Apart from that, there may be a few topics which may seem very difficult to you, personally. Identify such topics and practice them rigorously. Find and solve hundreds of questions on them.

Here are a few topics that are generally considered as important, and usually hold good share of marks class 12th accounts paper:

  • Share capital
  • Ratio analysis
  • Cash flow statements
  • Admission of partner
  • Fundamentals
  • Accounting for not-for-profit organisations
  • Etc.
  • 5. Plan the revision

It is very important that you plan the whole process of accountancy revision. Without a plan and deadlines, you probably won’t be able to achieve your goals, resulting in poor implementation of the strategies discussed above.

  • You can make a date-topic format of revision, in which you will allocate some topics of accountancy across different dates. This method works best 2-3 months prior to your final exam.
  • Make sure you set a deadline in your plan.
  • It is advised that you keep at least the last 15-20 days before the commencement of your board exams solely for sample papers. All the full-fledged revisions must be completed prior to that.
  • Don’t forget to reward yourself if you are able to achieve your targets on time 🙂

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