Merely studying for board exams won’t fetch satisfactory marks, that too in subjects like economics of class 12th. Multiple revisions are a pre-requisite for extra ordinary performance in any exam of any subject. Revisions are significant majorly for two purposes – (a) they ensure that you get the conceptual clarity of the highest level. Every time you revise a concept, your understanding will be further brushed up, and (b) they boost your self-confidence for exams. Higher the confidence, the better you will be able to perform under pressure.

This article will suggest you the best ways to revise economics in class 12th. As class 12th Economics comprises of two subjects of different nature (Introductory macroeconomics and Indian Economic Development), the strategy and method of revision also needs to be changed accordingly.

Read out the following blog by RKG Institute, Noida for revision strategy of class 12th Accountancy:

  1. Read the chapters, again and again

Many students try to avoid reading the chapter themselves and rely on their teachers and YouTube instead for understanding. Many of them even tend to watch summary lectures of IED and solve questions. While teachers and YouTube can help you in understanding the concepts, you will not be able to ingrain those understandings in your brain if you skip reading your books.

It is very important that you read your books, at least 2-3 times before your exams. Do not solely rely on teachers’ or coaching’s notes. Reading out will ensure that nothing is left and that you revise all the concepts clearly and holistically.

  • 2. Solve Questions

A cliché, but there’s no better option to revise than to solve as many questions as you can.

  • For macroeconomics, it is suggested that you solve all kind of subjective and objective questions and not only numericals. While numericals are a significant part of 12th economics exam, many students forget to pay due attention to the short and objective questions.
  • For IED, you can either rely on previous year questions or the question banks available in the market to get an idea of the type of questions asked, Practice them. It is suggested that you revise IED more by writing.
  • Try to solve maximum number of questions for each chapter. You can then move on to sample papers for 12th economics, easily available in the market and internet. We’ve attached a free copy of 12th economics sample paper booklet by CA Parag Gupta:

Free class 12th Economics sample paper book term 2 2022

  • 3. Have self-made notes

Self-made short notes will make revision much more fun and interesting, especially for IED, which many students find a bit boring.

  • While reading a chapter, highlight important keywords and definitions in the book itself.
  • Try to make a very short 1-2 pages summary of the chapter, in bullet point format, focusing on the keywords that you had highlighted earlier. Include important graphs and flowcharts, if applicable.

It is suggested that you make these notes at least 2 months before your 12th economics exam, so that you can easily have multiple rounds of revisions just before your exam.

  • 4. Use good resources to revise

The era of digitisation has revolutionised the education system in terms of east availability of quality material. You will find plethora of revision videos of class 12th economics on YouTube which are of highest quality as well as are time friendly. However, choosing the right resource becomes a difficult task here.

You can refer to the class 12th economics revision playlist by CA Parag Gupta on YouTube, which holistically covers all the chapters of macroeconomics and Indian Economic Development for term 2 exam 2021-22.

12th Economics revision series 2022 term 2 by CA Parag Gupta

You can also use teaching method to revise your concepts. When you are confident on your preparation of a topic, teach it to someone else or pretend to teach it in a classroom. If you are able to make the fellow person understand all that is in your syllabus, consider yourself as prepared.

Check out the following article by RKG Institute, Noida for more revision strategies.

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