The first and the most important confusion that the students of accountancy face in class 12th is – ‘which book to follow?’ Since, the CBSE has prescribed NCERTs for all the subjects of class 12th including accountancy, it is highly advised that the students follow those books. However, due to lack of much practice questions and interactivity in NCERT books, the students of accountancy prefer to follow various private publication books.

This article will suggest the best books for a well saturated class 12th accountancy preparation. Moreover, it will also suggest the best sample paper booklets, question banks, and other study essentials to ace your class 12th accountancy board exam. The student may then, choose to purchase suggested books according to their need.

  1. NCERTs

Without a doubt, NCERT books are the most suggested and accepted study material for every subject, as it is directly prescribed by CBSE in the syllabus released every year. For accountancy, NCERT has published two books. The content of the books is as follows:

  1. Accountancy: Not-for-Profit Organisation and Partnership Account
    1. Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisation
    1. Accounting for Partnership: Basic Concepts
    1. Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm – Admission of a Partner
    1. Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm – Retirement/Death of a Partner
    1. Dissolution of Partnership Firm
  2. Company Accounts and Analysis of Financial Statements
    1. Accounting for Share Capital
    1. Issue and Redemption of Debentures
    1. Financial Statements of a Company
    1. Analysis of Financial Statements
    1. Accounting Ratios
    1. Cash Flow Statement
  • 2. D.K. Goel

D.K. Goel is one of the most successful and respected accountancy teacher and author. His accountancy books are very famous among the students of class 11th and 12th. The books are well prepared with complete coverage of concepts and lots of practice questions, objective and subjective.

Have a look at the content:

  1. Volume 1
    1. Financial statements of non-profit organisations
    1. Fundamentals of partnership firms
    1. Change in profit sharing ratio of partners
    1. Admission of a partner
    1. Retirement or death of a partner
    1. Dissolution of partnership
    1. Company accounts issue of share
    1. Company accounts issue of debentures
    1. Company accounts redemption of debentures
  2. Volume 2
    1. Financial statements of a company (as per schedule III)
    1. Financial statement analysis
    1. Tools for financial analysis: Comparative statements
    1. Common size statements
    1. Accounting ratios
    1. Cash flow statement

As evident, the books authored by D.K. Goel are classified into more chapters, intended to enhance the understanding of each topic of the syllabus.

  • 3. T.S. Grewal

Another very famous and followed book in class 12th accountancy is authored by T.S. Grewal. He is a very eminent and knowledgeable personality in the arenas of commerce and management. For class 12th accountancy, he has written 2 volumes:

  1. Volume 1: Accounting for partnership firms
    1. Accounting for partnership firms – fundamentals
    1. Goodwill: nature and valuation
    1. Change in profit – sharing ratio among the existing partners
    1. Admission of a partner
    1. Retirement/Death of a partner
    1. Dissolution of Partnership firm
  2. Volume 2: Accounting for not-for-profit organisations
    1. Company accounts financial statements of not-for-profit Organisations
    1. Accounting for share capital
    1. Issue of debentures
    1. Redemption of debentures

The books are highly interactive with proper usage of flowcharts, evaluation questions and previous year questions scanner.


  • Oswaal publications
  • Arihant Publications
  • Perfect 10+1 sample papers in accountancy by D.K. Goel

Apart from the sample papers, you can also check out the question bank of class 12th accountancy by oswaal publications. These may help you in practicing and revising the concepts so that you can score a centum in 12th accounts board exam!

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