Following the correct book holds a significant share in preparation for class 12th board exams. A good book will ensure that you understand the concepts well while enjoying the interactivity within, has lots of practice questions to strengthen your hold over the subject, and provides you insights on the importance of specific topics in form of previously asked questions. Apart from the prescribed textbooks, it is important that the students follow and practice sample paper booklets and question banks to score extraordinary in their boards.

This article will suggest the best books for class 12th economics preparation, including the best sample papers and question banks for the same.

  1. NCERTs

Needless to say, NCERTs are considered the best for CBSE board exam preparation as they are directly prescribed by CBSE in 12th economics syllabus and follows a very easy to understand language and interface. For class 12th economics, two books have been published by NCERT – (a) Introductory macroeconomics and (b) Indian Economic Development.

Introductory Macroeconomics:

  1. Introduction to Macroeconomics
  2. National income accounting
  3. Money and banking
  4. Determination of income and employment
  5. Government budget and the economy
  6. Open market macroeconomics

Indian Economic Development:

  1. Indian economy on the eve of independence
  2. Indian economy (1950-90)
  3. Liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation: An appraisal
  4. Poverty
  5. Human capital formation
  6. Rural development
  7. Employment
  8. Infrastructure
  9. Sustainable economic development
  10. Comparative development: Experience of India and its neighbours


  • The books have very less practice questions.
  • Some important topics in macroeconomics are not demarcated and elaborated.

It is advised that the students thoroughly follow the Indian economic development NCERT as the 12th economics CBSE board exam directly asks many questions from it. However, students may need to follow other books for macroeconomics to increase the depth of their understanding and practice.

  • 2. CA Sandeep Garg (Dhanpat Rai Publications)

Sandeep Garg books have been widely accepted and used by students of 12th economics. Being an experienced teacher and a CA, his books are very comprehensive and addresses almost all the requirements for a good score in economics.

Introductory Macroeconomics:

  1. Circular flow of income
  2. Basic concepts of macroeconomics
  3. National income and related aggregates
  4. Measurement of national income
  5. Money
  6. Banking: Commercial banks and the central bank
  7. Aggregate demand and related concepts
  8. Income determination and multiplier
  9. Excess demand and deficient demand
  10. Government budget and the economy
  11. Foreign exchange rate
  12. Balance of payments

Indian Economic Development: content list same as NCERT.

The books contain lots of practice questions, CBSE scanner, HOTS questions, project work and follows a very demarcated and comprehensive way of explanation. The use of diagrams and flowcharts is apt.

3.   TR Jain and VK Ohri

TR Jain and VK Ohri are reputed authors in 11th and 12th economics. Their books are famous for high interactivity and comprehensive content. The books authored by them are followed widely in many schools and by many students.

The content list for their macroeconomics book is as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Concepts of macroeconomics
  3. Income and related aggregates
  4. Calculating national income
  5. Money
  6. Banking
  7. Aggregate demand, aggregate supply and related concepts
  8. Equilibrium output
  9. Problem of deficient demand and excess demand
  10. Government budget and economy
  11. Foreign exchange rate

The content list for Indian economic development is similar to NCERT.

The book is regularly revised and covers all the topics in detail, with solved and unsolved numericals. The use of flowcharts and interactive diagrams makes learning interesting.

The students may use any one of Sandeep Garg or TR Jain & VK Ohri books. Apart from that, the students are advised to follow question banks and sample question papers for 12th economics to score outstanding marks.


  1. Free term 2 sample economics sample paper book by CA Parag Gupta –

Economics sample paper class 12

  • Oswal publications
  • Arihant publications

Question bank for class 12th economics published by Oswal Publications is also a very good source for practice and revision, to ensure your full marks in 12th economics board exam.

All the best!

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