Class 12th board exams are finally here and the most important thing that students need to do right now is to sustain their performance. These last few days are the most critical ones that will ensure your final performance in board exams. The yearlong dedicated preparation needs to be sustained a few more days in order to ensure that you get your due reward.

This article contains some valuable last-minute tips that students must follow right before their class 12th economics board exam, to ensure that they give and represent their best at the time of the exam.


  1. Do not read a new concept. It is advised that you calmly revise some questions and concepts that you have already done before. Do not try to read and understand a whole new concept just before your economics exam. This may create unwanted anxiety of not knowing a concept and you may end up losing your confidence.
  • 2. Revise important facts of Indian Economic Development and formulas of macroeconomics.
  • 3. You can practice important graphs and schedules of macroeconomics.
  • 4. You cannot revise the whole syllabus one day before your exam. Try to brush up important topics comprehensively like – national income, aggregate demand and supply, determination of income and employment, government budget and balance of payments.
  • 5. It is advised that you don’t solve a new sample paper just before the day of your examination. This may lead you to lose your confidence if you score below your expectations. Revise and solve the old ones instead. Avoid everything that may lead to decrease in your confidence.
  • 6. If possible, avoid talking and discussing about your preparation with your friends. Inferiority complex may follow if you find their preparation superior to yours.
  • 7. Talk to supportive people around you. They may be your parents, siblings or close friends. Keep yourself in an optimistic mood.
  • 8. Relax. Do not study much one evening before. Eat good and healthy food. Feel good and confident.  


  1. Do not overburden yourself with revision and practice on the day of examination. You may revise things only if you feel comfortable doing it. Avoid all kind of stress and anxiety. Believe in your yearlong hard work.
  • 2. Check for all the essentials for your economics exam. Do not forget to take your admit card and stationery. Keep reserve stationery as well.
  • 3. The most important and helpful factor right before the examination would be your confidence and optimistic approach. Do not try to attempt anything that may hinder these.
  • 4. It is advised that you reach your examination centre 30 mins before the commencement of your exam. Do not just rush into the examination hall.
  • 5. Find and enter your examination room with a calm mind.


  1. Presence of mind is the most significant factor at this stage. Focus entirely on your examination. Solving 12th economics paper requires attention and focus.
  • 2. During the 15 minutes reading time provided to you, do the following:
    • In questions where you have been provided choice, select one right at the beginning to avoid confusion while you are writing.
    • For objective and short answer type questions, you can solve them in your mind. This will save your time during writing.
    • Figure out the pattern of answering questions. You may start answering with long or short questions as per your comfort.
  • 3. Fill in your details (roll no., name, centre no, etc.)  in the answer sheet properly. Ask the invigilator if you have any doubts or questions regarding the method to fill the details page of answer sheet.
  • 4. You must take care of the time you are spending on each question. Do not spend too much time on a question you find difficult. You can skip it for the time being and come back to it at the end.
  • 5. Plan in a way that you have at least 10 minutes at last to revise your answer sheet and fix your presentation.
  • 6. Underline important keywords, especially in the IED part.
  • 7. Attach your graph sheet or supplementary sheet cautiously, if applicable.

These last minute tips for class 12th economics exam, if implemented correctly, can prove to be very efficient and may increase your score by a good margin. We wish you all the best for your 12th economics exam.

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